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What is the difference between a professional website and a DIY job?

Domain Names
One of the first considerations to make when launching a new website, choosing the right domain name is essential to your long term success. In order to achieve a holistic brand identity, choosing a domain name the same as your social media handles will increase your legitimacy in the eyes of the consumer. Domain names can run from anywhere between $1 to $100,000, but we would recommend not spending any more than $35 a year.
Web Design Platform
While WordPress has been responsible for creating over 43% of the worlds websites as the industry’s leading platform for web design, there are many services focused on providing similar products with a simpler DIY design process. If you are brave enough to undertake the process on your own, you will likely be paying between $15 and $70 a month. Keep in mind this doesn’t include your time and resources to build the website and get it up and running.
Hosting Providers
Hosting your website on an appropriately sized platform will clearly be an important financial consideration. Shared hosting platforms which are substantial enough for most small businesses usually range from $10 to $50 a month, whereas dedicated hosting platforms can range from $100 to $1000. Also, consider the length of your hosting plan as many platforms offer monthly rates or multiyear deals at a discount.
Plug Ins
Web design platform doesn’t have everything you need? Additional plug ins that perform specific tasks (Maps, lead generation, image optimisation, personalised web content) are usually available for a price.

Themes & visuals
No time for graphic design? No worries. Just be aware that unique and visually appealing themes for your page will likely incur extra charges.

Manually optimising the copy of your website can be a complicated process. Aim for unique and concise copy for a better organic search ranking, meaning you will be much easier to find when you are Googled.

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