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As the dominant search engine for more than a decade, Google has become an essential element of any business regardless of location, size or scale. People turn to Google for information they need to get things done, meaning that Google Ads can help you get in front of people when they’re searching for what you offer. Getting the most out of your marketing budget is crucial, so utilising Google Ads to its full extent is a truly indispensable tool for businesses big and small.

Clear Objective
When setting up your Google Ads campaign, take into consideration keywords, ad groups and targeted locations. Try to think like a customer, how would you find your product or service?

Quality Scores
Google Quality Scores range from 1 – 10 and the higher your score, the better your site will rank. This takes in to account your keywords and the relevant landing pages, so ensure your message is as clear as possible to achieve higher scores.

Long Tail Keywords
Try to include specific details of your product, service or your location. It is possible to enhance your chances to capture the audience’s attention with particular details or selling points. Specifying locations, products sales, contact info, or even displaying affiliate locations with your product in stock.

Optimised Landing Pages
There are no short cuts when it comes to Google Ads, so just stick to the truth. Using misleading information to garner clicks will lower your Quality Score, so Ensure your ads are accurately portraying the content on your landing pages.

Single Keyword Ad Group
Prioritising your goals to a select group of keywords will make writing your ads much easier, and more economically use your Google PPC budget.

The purpose of your ad is to help users find and comprehend your product or service. Stripping away unnecessary filler words and condensing your ad as much as possible will add clarity and specificity.

Negative Keywords
You don’t want to be spending your advertising budget on irrelevant clicks. Negative keywords can help eliminate some of these issues. Check your search terms to find irrelevant queries that are bringing customers to your page.

Track Analytics
Don’t let all your hard work go to waste! Keep track of what is working and what isn’t, then incorporate changes to your ads that are ineffective. Continuing to measure and track your data is essential in creating a sustainable, cost effective and lasting marketing campaign.

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