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While email marketing isn’t anything new, the recent developments around collecting user data has allowed for greater personalisation, making it even more useful for businesses of all sizes. Here we have compiled some of the most important points to maintain your database and use it to effectively add value to your business.

Don’t get sent to spam
It’s important to understand that your campaign will achieve the highest possible ROI if you are reaching engaged users who want to be receiving your message. While it might seem antithetical, reaching a large audience isn’t necessarily the easiest way to increase the efficiency of your campaign. Short cuts like buying email databases won’t get your message in front of more users, it will get you sent to spam. Also remember to include an unsubscribe button, as forcing your message on unsuspecting customers is an easy way to damage your brand’s reputation.
Provide value with incentives
Incentivise signups to your mailing list with discounts, unique offer codes or insider tips. Once you have users signed up, keeping them on the hook should now be a priority. The only way to break through a user’s clogged inbox is to present them some form of value, so keep those discount codes coming.
Condense your message
No one has all day for reading information dense emails so keep your most important message front and centre. There is a very high likelihood that even the majority of users who click on your email will not make it to the end. Keep it short, to the point and with consideration to equal spacing, colour and readability, inserted media and your branding.
Soft sells
While many businesses are adopting a much more informal tone in their official communications and branding, it is still important to write your content in an authoritative form. Remember, you and your brand are experts in your field! Juggling corporate and casual tones can be a challenge, so just remember to gently present your message.
Pester with purpose
Save your energy and your contact list for when you want to deliver a message with a purpose. Campaigns with particular goals in mind, whether that be clicks, engagement or purchases, are more easily formed than those with general outcomes in mind.

Timing is everything
Timing your email release for key traffic times could be the difference between an effective campaign and one with no engagement. For even more insight, using a testing system on your mail service can help refine some of these finer details.

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