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You might have noticed that video is in right now. Really in. Across the globe, brands are turning to video content to share their stories, capture the hearts of their audience and, of course, sell their products. If you are not convinced of the sway of video content, just look at the top performers in the digital community: Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. These platforms, along with virtually every other major social network, have strongly prioritised making video easier to upload, view and share in the past few years.

Emerging customer research shows that video advertising can significantly increase a customer’s intent to purchase and positively boosts brand association. But before you jump straight into producing video content, consider these three key points about building a successful video campaign.

It’s all about increasing the time someone spends on your page. When done right, video marketing can assist your website SEO and increase conversions. The key is creating content that is engaging. If the visitor spends more time on your website, watching the video, clicking onto other pages, sharing, etc., then Google will reward you with a better ranking in search results.

Create content that people will actually want to watch. Think about your own attitude towards sales-focused videos. Sure, they serve a function, but they aren’t something you are going to want to spend a lot of time watching, right? No thanks! The secret to content that converts is creating videos that go deeper than just showing off the product and telling you to purchase it. If you can bring value to your audience in some way, either by entertaining or informing them, then you can create a deep connection with your customer.

Play the long game to build a fan-base, not just a customer-base. Video can be more compelling than other mediums and generate authentic interaction. If done right, viewers are more open to what the speaker has to say – which boosts the likelihood of them taking action on what they see (aka making a purchase from your business). To top it off, many people are naturally more inclined to share videos than other forms of online content. If you can make your videos meaningful, concise and relatable then you have nailed all key components of being shareworthy.

When creating video content for your brand, keep in mind that every business is fundamentally trying to solve a problem. What problem do your customers have? How can you help? What can you share with them that will make their life a little easier? The key is to focus not on how to use video content to sell, but rather how to help our customers and bring value to their day.

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