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Starting your own full time business, passion project or side hustle is becoming the new norm, but where do you start and how do you go about it? Going out on your own isn’t an easy task, so we’ve put together some tips to help you achieve your goals.

  • If you are looking to make a change for the long term, consider your passion for your product or service. The amount of time spent experimenting and learning to improve your product will be infinitely more enjoyable and successful if you can bring some authentic enthusiasm to the project.
  • Before launching yourself into the world of self-employment, gaining some ground establishing your business while maintaining a steady income can give you a huge head start. By using time on the weekends or on nights off, you can decrease the large expenditure of your own resources which can put you in a tough starting position.
  • When considering if you’ve got what it takes to maintain a small business or a side hustle it may be worth considering the grants and incentives available. Make the most of that free money! Government grants are also often good indicators of growth sectors, emerging market trends and evolving demographics.
  • Data sounds boring, but it’s key in building a sustainable business. Knowing your core demographic and the strength of the competitors in your market is pivotal when creating a long term plan.
  • Whether you’re a major international conglomeration or a local artist selling your wares online, a strong online presence is an essential element of any modern business. Starting with an optimised social media presence and then moving into an easy to navigate website, optimised for both search engines and mobile devices, with high quality multimedia content.
  • Clean and consistent social media management creates the appearance of an efficiently run organisation. Could your product be the feature of the next viral Tik-Tok dance? Probably not. But effectively utilising your socials will get you in front of more eyes.
  • Who likes thinking of money? No one! But understanding the flow of money through your business is super important. So, pay someone to do it for you. As you grow they will help you avoid some of the common mistakes when starting out.

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