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Taking advantage of the web is an important tool for any business, whether you’re a café, retail shop or service having a strong presence online will bring in customers.

Here, we’ve put together the steps to a well-rounded digital marketing campaign to produce both organic and paid leads, enquiries or sales. By combining both the free and the paid platforms, we have outlined how to ensure a long lasting online presence without exhausting your marketing budget.

Social Media Network Posts (FB, Instagram, Google Business, LinkedIn)
Your social media platforms are the frontline for controlling your brands narrative, engaging your consumer and maintaining brand relevance. Effective use of your social media channels is perhaps the most financially efficient outlet as it allows you to build your audience through non-paid content. It is also important to create consistency across channels, so when your consumer is presented with your material it is unmistakably yours. Make the most of the free services that don’t impact your marketing budget!
Social Media Advertising
Primarily used to reach new and unfamiliar audiences with visual posts to drive traffic and sales. Paid social media advertising builds on your strong online presence, so don’t skip step one! Putting a small to medium sized budget behind your social media platforms will ensure strong traffic and engagement, bringing in new customers and spreading your message online.
Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
If you were googling to find a product or service similar to yours, what words would you use? These are the keywords you need to filter through your website and meta data to ensure you start ranking where you need to be! Appearing in a keyword search close to the top of the page will give you the greatest opportunity to reach new customers seeking your service or product. Still not making sense? Check out What the f!$% is SEO?! Or speak with our team today about how we can optimise your search results.

Google PPC
Giving your campaign an extra boost through Google Pay Per Click advertising will give your campaign the best chance for success. Google PPC is perhaps the most direct marketing avenue available, as it only drives relevant traffic to your site and prioritises ideal interactions (sales, leads and enquiries etc.). Whilst your local SEO starts to build, using Google PPC to fill in the blanks with your low ranking keywords is a great way to steal traffic from your competitors and be at the top of Google search.

Analytics & Tracking
Let’s not let your hard work go to waste! You need to be able to correctly track and measure your marketing efforts. We recommend utilising Google analytics so you can track calls, emails and contact enquires from their lead sources ie; Facebook, Instagram, Google search and Google PPC.

Finally, setting a campaign budget and measuring that against the revenue generated will give you a good idea of the campaign’s effectiveness and the ROI. While each of these steps work to achieve particular goals, using all five of these steps to create a cohesive digital marketing campaign will aid each piece individually and create a synchronised marketing plan.

Get in touch to find out how we can help get your digital marketing campaign started and get you set up for long term success.

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