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The current year has proven to test our modern-day technologies more than ever before. While millions of people adjust to working and spending endless hours indoors, businesses have come to appreciate how easy online advertising has become. 

In comparison to traditional advertising like newspapers, billboards, and radio, online advertising and digital marketing strategies have many benefits – let’s chat about them!

  • Digital marketing and online advertising provide the ability to track conversions and store data and marketing analytics. While traditional methods could be quite effective in building brand perception and communicating with a brand’s target market, you could never know for sure what strategies were working, which weren’t, and how you could change your advertising to attract even more potential customers. With digital analytics and conversion tracking, you can compare your marketing efforts over time and make changes according to your data. Your brand can grow much quicker with digital advertising because you’re not marketing blindly.
  • You can communicate with your audience in real-time. Thanks to social media and instant messaging, online platforms allow customers to quickly message and interact with a brand. Traditional advertising may help leads decide to purchase from your brand, but anything can happen between that moment and the time they buy. An online advertisement can distract a lead, provide them with a chance to chat about the product, and convert them, locking them into a purchase, within minutes.
  • You can use AI and machine learning techniques to personalise digital ads according to your target audience’s demographics, interests, etc. One of the most amazing parts of online advertising is the ability to be in exactly the right place at the exact right time. Ads can now be targeted using algorithms and cookies to personalise themselves even right down to showing up in Google results when someone searches for a product or service like yours.
  • Digital marketing and online advertising are far more cost-efficient than traditional methods – and they allow you to pay when people see and click on your advertisements, not for the chance of being seen. There are so many marketing tactics your brand can do online that are completely free, such as inbound marketing and social media posts. Other methods, such as social media advertising have brands pay a certain amount up front (even an amount as low as $20) and the sum gets used up as people see and interact with your post. Once your online advertising brings leads to your website, you can use content, videos, and other low-cost strategies to build conversions.

There are many advantages to online marketing, but we shouldn’t cancel out traditional methods just yet. Radio ads, newspaper articles, and even flyers are still proven to work to bring in customers and leads – and they have their own way of analysing the results and success of their strategies. 

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