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Depending on your business or industry, chances are most if not all your customers are on Facebook. Facebook is still number one out of all social media platforms for marketing and outreach – but it’s becoming increasingly hard to be seen and you might feel that your Facebook page is dead.

With Facebook seeming to change the format of its News Feed and algorithms weekly, you may notice that your organic reach can fluctuate quite a lot. If you feel you’ve lost traction when it comes to building your presence on Facebook, you’re not alone. Even some of the largest pages on Facebook with hundreds of thousands of followers can become stagnant and produce little engagement.

Having a page on Facebook is still the most cost-effective way to increase awareness and potential, and even return on investment for your business. Add in a cost effective Facebook ad campaign to the mix and you can produce some great results.

It’s crucial that you strategise the content created and ensure that it’s actually relevant to your audience. If your audience isn’t relating and engaging with the content you share, your business can fall so far down the algorithm so that you’re almost never seen by your followers. 

We suggest keeping content useful with a touch of personal in it ie: a post with employees working or giving advice, a customer testimonial with a photo/video and so on.

According to Hubspot, the two main reasons people are likely to unfollow your Facebook page are if you make too many posts and if your posts are uninteresting. Facebook users are less likely to interact with your posts if they overcrowd their Newsfeed. It’s also important to find the best times of day to post – you can usually find these times with the use of Facebook’s analytics and a little trial and error. 

Try using the 70, 20, 10 rule as part of your strategy: 70% of your feed should be useful information about your brand that inspires and enhances the reader, 20% should be content shared from other pages and 10% should be your own promotional content. 

Try to get creative and build content that isn’t similar to everything else your audience sees on social media – video is an excellent example of content that almost always engages its viewers and can go viral in a heartbeat.  

A key factor is to stay consistent. We suggest posting 2-3 times a week on Facebook and other social media accounts. Don’t be frustrated if your engagement goes up and down sporadically. Keep at it with valuable, unique content and you’ll start to see a change in the amount of audience your Facebook page attracts.

BROKENIMAGE can of course fully manage your social media accounts, from strategy, producing content, and scheduling regular posts. We are here to help – speak with us today if you’re having any troubles!

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