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3 out of 5 Australian’s say they’ve noticed an advertisement in their web searches that resembles a product or service they previously came across.

Have you accidentally clicked on a link only to see every online advertisement for the next week showing that exact same product/service that you so quickly steered away from? That’s retargeting, or as we call it, remarketing. This form of online advertising has been a useful and highly successful reminder for many people to come back and convert to an item they were on the fence about or distracted from completing.

Only about 2% of all website/e-commerce visitors convert on their first visit. That means that most of us need a little bit of a push to get us going, and sometimes that needs to be in the form of retargeting. For your business, it means that you could be tapping in on a great number of potential customers. 70% of visitors are more likely to convert the next time they visit your website.

So How Exactly Can I Use Retargeting for my Business?

There are a few different strategies that we implement for our clients, whether you’re searching for awareness or online conversions, to start benefiting from retargeting contact our team today.

Here are some online retargeting examples below.

Top of Mind/Awareness Retargeting

Let’s say you run a local real estate agency, a potential vendor is on the hunt for someone to sell their home. For example, they’re probably going to visit at least four local real estate agency websites researching their best match – imagine after their visit to your website you could pop up with an ad throughout associated websites, social media and on their phone whilst they’re going through the decision process? That’s retargeting, staying top of mind and in front of the competition.

Sequential Retargeting

You want those visiting your website to convert and the best way to do so is to target them with ads that are based on where they are in the conversion process. So, if you’re guest has already made it to the billing page and has left the site, sending them an ad reminding them what’s waiting in their cart would be more beneficial than showing them ads for something completely unrelated to what they were searching. For those guests who only made it as far as the first page, they would benefit more from an ad showing them an item they clicked on.

Up-Selling Retargeting

Many of those who visit your online store or service has already been converted once and are in need of a little push to get them to come back again. If you’ve converted them once, you’re so much closer to persuading them a second time. A form of retargeting called up-selling is exactly how you remember it from your days in customer service.

If a customer has bought a camera from you, offer them a new lens, and if your customers previously bought a pair of gloves from your online store, target them with ads that promote accessories similar to those gloves.

Building “look-alike” Audiences 

Imagine being able to take your list of website visitors and based on their online profile create a “look-alike” audience with similar information to target new customers? Well, you can, pretty cool huh? This is where you can get smart about retargeting and start driving new sales off a previous audience you have built and targetted. 

These retargeting/remarketing ads can also be sent as a reminder email if your guest has already made it as far as signing up for your newsletter – or is a repeat customer who has come back and left items in a cart or searched for specific products – most online stores these days have the “abandoned cart” feature built it, it just needs turning on and optimising.

There are many other possibilities when it comes to focusing on retargeting as part of your brand’s marketing plan. It may seem daunting to think of where to start – but that’s why we’re here. Reach out for a conversation with our team today.

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