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Marketers and business owners toss the acronym around, claiming that their website or their services are the best at ranking high with search engine optimisation. Yes, that’s what SEO stands for, but what really does it mean?

Search engine optimisation is the creative ways that content writers and online marketing gurus use clever keyword and link usage to appear higher up in search engines like Google, and drive traffic to their website and social media channels.

Isn’t SEO basically just using keywords in blog posts?

Absolutely not. Although blog posts, done correctly, are amazing at bringing in more traffic to your website, there are other huge things you can do to increase your likelihood of showing up Google’s algorithm.

  • Design Your Website with SEO in mind. This means having some sort of content on every page, always using headings, and always, always putting captions in your photographs. Honestly, it’s free traffic that so many businesses don’t take advantage of. Also, the comments that others and your business posts on pages throughout your website do wonders for optimising your spot on Google searches.
  • There’s always Off-Page SEO. Blog posts and website content are considered On-Page SEO, but the content about your business and website that others comment and link you to on the internet can be a huge factor in driving traffic. You may have been told you always link to at least one thing in your blog posts (view our digital marketing services), which is helpful when someone who is searching another business is lead to yours. Having another business link to you is not only the greatest honour and proof that you’re doing SEO right, but you’re also gaining another way of allowing visitors to find you.

How Do I Know My Website is Actually Ranking the Best it Can on Google?

Before you even begin writing, you need to plan the keywords and phrases that you think people will search to find your website or content. If you have your own real estate agency in Hobart, for example, you’d create a list of words that land in that general area.

Keywords: real estate, Hobart real estate agency, Hobart property, Hobart real estate agent

Keyphrases: Who is the best real estate agency in Hobart? Hobart real estate agent reviews. Hobart real estate agency with great marketing.

If you were lead to this blog post under the pretence that you thought you found an amazing real estate agency in Hobart, we apologise, but hey, it means it worked!

Once you’ve created content on your website with the keywords you’ve compiled, try to Google them and see where your website pops up. Keep in mind, Google can take up to three months to rank your website. If you’re not finding yourself, it can be that you’re not using focused enough words – it’s like searching Sarah on Facebook in hopes of finding your old high school flame; the one that got away is going to get lost in the thousands of hits that come up.

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